Saturday, 9 February 2013

Macaroon Mayhem

Recently I've tried making macaroons a number of times and every time I have ended up with one giant macaroon (mainly due to the fact I was piping the mix straight onto a baking tray), so I decided to invest in a silicone macaroon tray from Lakeland. O-M-G, it was the best £7.99 I've ever spent on baking goods (aside from my kitchenaid, which I didn't actually pay for so..). I learnt the hard way that you don't need to grease silicone trays, and my second attempt was a big success! I took the left overs (our new dog is quite partial to a macaroon it seems..) into work the next day and they went down a macaroons ever tasted apparently! 

I also went back up north for the weekend as I was baking the cakes for a friends mums 50th birthday party. Cue icing cakes in someone else's kitchen - NIGHTMARE. But I got there with the help of my apprentice (ha) Meg. One giant chocolate cupcake and 36 vanilla cupcakes later and we were ready to go! 

I'm baking again this weekend, this time for a work colleagues 60th birthday so I'll fill you all in on that one when it's done.

Peace out cake lovers. 

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