Monday, 18 February 2013

How to : Checkerboard cake without any fancy pans!

(easiest with chocolate & vanilla sponge)

1. Bake as many layers as needed, I had 2 but can do many more.

2. Measure diameter of cake and draw onto baking paper. Divide up the circle into equal sections. I divided mine into 3, so when the cake is cut into a slice, you can see 3 squares of colour.

3. Cut circles out of baking paper, and lay on top of cake and cut out carefully with a sharp knife. (I greased mine so it stuck a little bit, helping to make the cutting more accurate) Once all the circles of cake are cut, start putting them back together but alternating the sponges.

4. Spread a layer of butter icing on (or jam, whatever. I cheated and used Betty Crocker) and repeat step 3 again with the second layer of cake.

5. Cover cake in icing (whatever you choose) making sure you can't see what's hiding beneath!

6. Decorate as usual. I made a stencil so there was a huge glittery 60 on top :)

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